Digital Artist FVCKRENDER’s Otherworldly LVCIDIA Project

Self-taught, Vancouver-based artist FVCKRENDER (aka Frederic Duquette) created an immersive digital world called LVCIDIA, a project of “collective-based generative art, where people own planets others can visit.” While it’s free for anybody to access the virtual world, it’s also populated with NFTs that can be purchased and used by owners. FVCKRENDER, who suffered from anxiety when he was younger, wanted the dreamy world to be “anxiety-reducing,” he tells Highsnobiety. “I wanted to make this relaxing environment people can get lost in and see art in a different way that hasn’t been done before. As long as you innovate and do these things that haven’t been done before, that’s where you’re going to keep your integrity.” Float through LVCIDIA here, and read more of the interview at Highsnobiety.

Image courtesy of FVCKRENDER