Premiere: “Alt Det Du Ku” by AyOwA

Danish dream pop with an electronic tingle

A dreamy electric charge channels through “Alt Det Du Ku,” the latest singe—and music video—from Danish duo AyOwA. There’s a balanced power pulsing alongside, driven by moody synths and vocals that are so alluring it becomes easy to forget they’re not in English. The work of AyOwA—long-time friends Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider—definitely calls to mind the more melodic released from The Knife, but here a different experimentation shines forth, one that toys with beauty and eccentricity. This is emphasized by the James McCarty-directed music video. McCarty employs plenty of unexpected eeriness, but it all fits together in a dream universe both dark and truly delightful.

“Alt Det Du Ku” appears on the band’s next EP, Goodbye

Images courtesy of Music For Dreams