Artist Kalliopi Lemos Explains Her New London Sculptures, “The Plait” + “Bag of Aspirations”

From the Frieze Sculpture Park to Mayfair Art Weekend, the sculptor expands her Tools of Endearment series

Greek-born, London-based artist Kalliopi Lemos extends her Tools of Endearment sculpture series with two large-scale works which debuted during this year’s Frieze London—one as part of the fair’s sculpture park and another as part of the tangential Mayfair Art Weekend. Through these towering public pieces, Lemos intends to spark conversations about outdated perceptions of the role of women in society. These two works, “The Plait” (2020) and “Bag of Aspirations” (2019), join two others from the series, “Bra” and “Corset,” which Lemos previously installed in London’s Golden Square. Altogether, they create an impactful art experience worth traversing the city for.

To accompany both works, creative platform Gazelli Art House, through which Lemos is represented, released companion mini-documentaries. Both offer a deeper glimpse into the mind of the artist—and one even explains how Lemos invented the process behind one of the two works. They’re brief, bright visions of an artist today.

All four of these Tools of Endearment works look to what that the artist refers to as requirements for femininity in a contemporary world that’s unwelcoming to the bodies of their wearers. “The Plait,” which rises 22 feet up, “is a feminine sensual symbol made of hundreds of intertwined thin rods that rises ambitiously toward the sky as if just by standing upright is making its own statement of self-worth and defiance.”

by Deniz Guzel

Bag of Aspirations,” which mimics the iconic Hermès Birkin Bag, rises nine feet. Both are composed of steel.

Although Mayfair Art Weekend has come to a close, “Bag of Aspirations” will be on view at 63 Bond Street until 31 October. Frieze London, too, has ended but the Frieze Sculpture Park remains within Regent’s Park until 18 October. 

Hero images by Rowan Durant, videos courtesy of Gazelli Art House