Bastard Bowl x Studiometrico: Comvert Store and Indoor Skate Park


Converting an old cinema theater into a skateboarder's paradise, Italian design firm Studiometrico showed off their innovative talent when creating the Bastard Bowl for the HQ of skate and snowboard company Comvert.

By suspending the bowl from the ceiling, the design leaves the bottom portion open for retail space, where Comvert sells gear under the brand name Bastard. The combination of flagship store and skate arena creates an energetic platform for skaters to come together and talk shop or show off. A 15,000 square-foot theater now also hosts enough space for Comvert to house the Bastard store, an administrative department, a products depot, design department, showroom and the Bastard Bowl, all under one roof—redefining the concept of how a brand uses its headquarters.


The conversion project is not only an inspiration for workplaces of the future, but also a great architectural example of blending old with new, creating a new environment while retaining the original structure.


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