Big in ’05 – The Bravery


Hailing from New York, the Bravery evokes ‘80s New Wave that you can rock and dance to with a look that says they really like the Clash — except on days when they’re feeling Andy Warhol. The band got its start more or less as a backlash to the city’s electroclash scene, which singer Sam Endicott has openly admitted to hating –- at least the bands that produced it.

The Bravery is so bad ass they told the NME that all the bands they’re compared to like Franz Ferdinand and the Killers are Danny Devito while the Bravery is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Bravery is on a co-headlining U.S. tour with Ireland’s Ash through the end of April and then head to the UK to thrill crowds there.

Check out songs from their debut album, which streets in the UK March 22 and in the States 29.