Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfumes

by Laura Neilson


The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a goth perfumer, is the perfect blend of past and present.

Past: Since 2002, the online purveyor has offered more than 300 scented household and perfume oils, inspired by allegorical subjects such as "Bewitching Brews," "Ars Draconis," "Good Omens," and "Rappaccini's Garden."

Present: The Los Angeles-based company, owned and founded by Beth Moriarty Barrial and partner Brian Constantine, is devoted to conscious-driven capitalism. All of BPAL's olfactory products are free of animal testing, and the company has regularly contributed funds to charities such as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Orangutan Foundation UK, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Covenant House, the Red Cross, and the Humane Society.

Past: The website, a cornucopia of gothic, medieval, Victorian and romantic-era artistry, features illustrations and sketches by artists such as Madame Talbot, Jennifer Williamson, Jennifer Rodgers and Sarah Coleman, as well as Aubrey Beardsley, a notable figure from the art nouveau movement.

Present: To benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the lab has released a limited edition scent, "413 U.S. 15/Miller Vs. California." Named in reference to the landmark 1974 court decision which ruled that obscenity was not protected under the First Amendment, the perfume oil is a blend of leather, cognac, fig, ripe berry and cream aromas, and comes cheekily-packaged in a plain brown paper bag.

The limited edition fragrance will be available until 13 March 2009 and can be ordered from the website Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

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