Charli XCX + SOPHIE: Vroom Vroom

Singer-songwriter Charli XCX and divergent sound designer SOPHIE—each compelling in their own unique brand of pop—bring out the best in each other in the four-track EP Vroom Vroom, one that provokes all of the senses and hits listeners like a steamroller. The title song “Vroom Vroom” gets the music video treatment, and through a mostly black-and-white lenses, it shines and sweats and glares and squeaks just like the weirdly aggressive-yet-delicate party track itself (“skintight leather bodysuit” makes another good metaphor). There’s cameos from the PC Music squad (Hannah Diamond, who features on Charli XCX’s track “Paradise” and founder AG Cook, sporting his eyeglasses), plus some Beats product placement. Charli XCX, in the midst of preparing her third full-length album, also launched her own recording label, Vroom Vroom Recordings, to be a breeding ground for experimental pop.