Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Liquid Sculptures

Our video on two fluidly abstract installations at Mexico City's biggest art fair

When we visited the Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City earlier this year, we saw a wide variety of media and styles—check out our first piece on Martin Creed here. This second video from our trip there explores some of the more abstract pieces we came across. “Sin Titulo, (homenaje a Yoko Ono)” (2010) by Luis Carrera-Maul and Roberto de Pol’s “hair-dryer, glass, straws, electrical cables, nails, coke, sensor, wood, adesive tape, tubes, screws” (2010) (seen at Galleria Massimo Audiello Oaxaca and Perugi Artecontemporanea respectively) struck us for their interesting use of liquid and movement. Both artists use kinetic fluid substances combined with other unconventional materials to create living, evolving sculptures—though each to quite different aesthetic effect.