Doug Hream Blunt: Ride the Tiger

Amateur SF-based musician Doug Hream Blunt only made one EP and one LP, which he pressed himself, dropping them off in the “local artists” bins at record stores—but the lucky crate-diggers who gave the pretty obscure records a chance became hooked. The seemingly repetitive riffs and chord progressions, led by someone who never had formal education aside from a group class called “How to Form a Band,” catch the listener off-guard with their inexact yet honest approach. Get a taste of the uncanny ’90s funk before Luaka Bop officially releases a 10-song compilation of Blunt’s work on 16 October 2015 (titled My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt: Featuring The Hit “Gentle Persuasion”) by checking out this performance of “Ride the Tiger” taken from public access television.