Skincare built for modern men using natural Australian ingredients


As the world’s driest continent, Australia’s climate requires more than the average moisturizer. Eshu skincare, based in the Land Down Under, draws on local knowledge to protect, heal and soothe battered skin in any conditions. We recently tested the new brand’s full line and found them to be a simple and effective solution to the often overcomplicated world of skincare.

eshu-image-2.jpg eshu-image3.jpg

Made entirely in Australia, the products use proven indigenous ingredients—some of which we’d never heard of such as Kakadu Plum and Paperbark Oil and others we had (Blue Cypress, Tea Tree Oil)—to get results. These naturally healing and protective properties have been used by aboriginal peoples for thousands of years and as household remedies to this day.


Aside from the focus on botanicals, the intelligent packaging solves a common frustration and cuts down on waste. A patented bottle design allows products to be stored on their “elbow,” using gravity so that you can get every last drop of the product.

Both functional and masculine-looking enough to leave out in the bathroom, the bottles are recyclable too. Now available both online from the Eshu shop and in stores from Sephora, the line sells from $15-30.