Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay

Writers from across the globe talk the ups and downs of modern life in a new zine


Responding to common feelings of being overwhelmed by our chaotic modern world, Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay is a new print zine featuring writing from contributors based in NYC, London and Sydney. Assembled by hand by Brooklyn-based writer and founder James Aviaz, the zine touches on those confusing things in life with the power to depress or inspire you at any given moment.


“It’s inspired by my outlook on modern life,” says Aviaz. “For good or ill, I’m wired to see things as either BEST. THING. EVER or WORST. THING. EVER. It’s an exhausting way to live, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Contributors offer succinct and entertaining anecdotes on subjects as varied as learning to accept emoticons or having a purpose in the literary world, to the exhausting overuse of the word “curated.” Aviaz ventures into the heavily existential realm, exploring the idea of his own mortality using Nintendo video games as an analogy. If we have three options to cheat death, he wonders—becoming immortal, forgetting about winning to “just play” or advancing to an entirely different level of the game—perhaps the last, achieved through the vehicle of spirituality, may just lead us to the first.


If subjects seem a bit too esoteric or heavily weighted toward one of the title’s two extremes, Aviaz assures us that this issue “couldn’t be further from fucked.” In fact, he adds, “I have to thank The Great God of Zine for the overall quality of writing in this debut issue.”


If you’re a fan of sharp British wit, American sarcasm and Australian cheekiness, give Everything is Fucked, Everything is Ok a read. Find it directly from EFEOK online for just $5. And keep an eye out for issue 2 dropping 1 December.