Newly Discovered Evidence Confirms the Sudden Demise of Dinosaurs

In the excavated terrain of the Hell Creek geological formation, an archaeologist named Robert DePalma made a discovery. The theory that dinosaurs met their demise at the impact of a planet-rattling meteor is generally uncontested, but some researchers felt they were doomed well before the day it hit. Dinosaur fossils are never found less than nine feet below the layer of soot—known as the “KT boundary”—produced during the meteorite crash. This nine-foot threshold represents thousands of years, hence making a sudden demise less believable. But, DePalma’s site uncovers a precise record of immediate doom. He uncovered fossils of all species—those that existed on land, in the sea miles away as well as native plants—in the KT boundary; indicating that the dinosaurs really did cease to exist in an instant. This remarkable discovery forever changes the future of archaeology. Read more at The New Yorker.