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Feasting on the Streets of London

Fast Food Nation and Morgan Spurlock almost tuned his liver into pate in documentary Super Size Me, I thought I’d never have so much as a cheeseburger ever again. My resolve lasted all of two months, so it’s refreshing to pick up Fast by Kevin Jackson, which is published in London this week by Portobello Books.

Although there are a couple of nods to Schlosser and Spurlock, it doesn’t really preach about the dangers; rather offers a snapshot of what’s available in London and who is eating it. Jackson, with photographer Richard Heeps in tow, tours the city sampling everything from cakes to kebabs, talking to various characters caught chowing down. The book is also peppered with intriguing brief histories of London’s street-eating habits, revealing how the popularity of coffee here predates Starbucks by about 400 years and how the saveloy got its name, amongst other tasty tales.

Best enjoyed in snack-sized morsels rather than in one sitting, Fast: Feasting On The Streets Of London costs £9.99, but is currently cheaper on Amazon UK.


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