Helmut Lang: Alles Gleich Schwer

With support from the “In An Absolut World Campaign,” Helmut Lang‘s second solo exhibition of artistic works explores the world of technology and art by creating an interactive online gallery of “Alles Gleich Schwer,” first exhibited in late August in Hannover. The series of installations and objects attempts to address the intersection of the public and private experience. a concept that will be creatively interpreted through an online platform where physical space and geographic restraints are non-existent.

The first to showcase a clothing collection in an internet fashion show back in ’98, Lang, in more ways than one, has always been on the cutting edge. Turning away from creations for the psychical body and focusing his efforts on creating two and three-dimensional works, clearly the fashion visionary is still interested in the interplay between art and the internet. Lang comments that it offers viewers the unique experience of viewing art in an isolated manner which has its interesting side, “it allows you to contradict the laws of nature at your own risk.” The online version “Alles Gleich Schwer” will be presented exclusively at absolut.com/helmutlang from 30 September-31 December 2008.

Check out the video (above) for a peek at the install of the piece and preview of what to expect.

Images from the installation in Hannover after the jump.

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