Intuizione Ploc

Milan's gallery-meets-workshop, where unbridled creativity is king


During Milan Design Week, visitors are faced with an overwhelming array of options of events and showcases, but many won’t bother with the Interni guide (which lists all the official events) and they’ll go rogue, taking home some of the best tales and inspiration to fuel their minds. This is how CH found the charming world of Intuizione Ploc, a small gallery hidden in a courtyard en route to the Lambrata District.


Given that the owner of the small gallery-meets-workshop tends to hide away in the workshop—leaving the space relatively unguarded—it’s a visual voyage of fantasy which leaves the viewer to take their time and draw their own interpretations. Visiting Ploc is a very personal experience.

Ploc-03a.jpg Ploc-03b.jpg

Gazing upon the many castles and spaceships created from reclaimed electrical parts and hand-crafted materials—assembled meticulously into fantasy landscapes and finished with small glyphs—it feels akin to discovering a lost temple.

Over the years, Ploc’s style has morphed and evolved. A few years ago it was transistors, microchips and coils of miscellaneous wire that decorated its sculptures. Then came a monochromatic phase; stark, glossy whites with black accents. Now, it seems the mysterious back room creator has moved towards hastily hacked wood blocks, coupled with mystical hieroglyphics and symbols. There are also drawings that accompany the 3D objects on display—perhaps blueprints or afterthoughts.

Ploc-02a.jpg Ploc-02b.jpg

Ploc is the type of place to visit and enjoy those thoughtful moments when one’s own mind joins the dots. As far as creativity goes, Intuizione Ploc proved to its visitors that unbridled inspiration can still be found if you’re willing to take the paths less explored.

Intuizione Ploc is located at Via Conte Rosso 22, 20134 Milan.

Lead photo by Karen Day, all others by Richard Prime, illustrations courtesy of Intuizione Ploc