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James Turrell: Baker’s Pool and new show

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James Turrell has been challenging our perceptions of light and space for nearly 40 years.

Baker's Pool—a technical marvel and artistic tour de force—lives in the basement of a new barn designed by architect Walt Smith of Skidmore Owings and Merrill on Lisa and Richard Baker's Greenwich, CT estate. While the main floor of the barn is an open space for the family's children and their friends, the lower level is the ultimate adult playroom, featuring a pool, gym and bathroom. The marriage of art, technology and architecture makes Baker's Pool a perfect 10 on the Cool Hunting scale. (O.K., we just made that up, but if we had a scale, it would be a perfect 10).

The areas surrounding the pool, the sink in the bathroom, and even the three cupolas are all fitted with fiber optic cable from Martin Architectural. The artist has programmed various scenes that range from party to workout, ensuring that every mood can be adequately expressed through colorful light.

Not lucky enough to be invited to the Baker's? Check out the artist's new show James Turrell: Light Projections 1967-68 and Holograms 2005 from July 14 through September 10, 2005 at PaceWildenstein Gallery in New York.

For some great photos of the barn and the pool pick up the August 2005 issue of W Magazine.

James Turrell's books are available at Amazon; some of his older books are very collectible.

Check out his works available on

More photos after the jump. All photos are from Martin Architectural.

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