Julia Chiang: My Rotten Apples


Drawn to things considered unworthy and unwanted, artist Julia Chiang's sculpture series My Rotten Apples embodies her unmistakable ability to transform the undesirable into covetable objects.

This unique edition of 21, smaller-scale rotten apples stems from an upcoming large-scale floor sculpture entitled "Never Enough," in which Julia cast apples in porcelain and stacked the resulting "perfect" apples in a large pile to represent desire, excess and greed. Noticing that when removing the pieces from the molds at various stages of wetness she could let them droop and collapse in different ways, Julia was reminded of rotting or deformed apples and fell in love with the forms and their contrasting symbolic nature—desire and discard—also making clear why this is the perfect icon for New York City.


Julia's signed and numbered rotten apples are handmade of porcelain, coated with a 5% gold luster and can be purchased from the New Museum Store for $200. For more detailed images, see after the jump.