Lagombra Bicycle Rollercoaster


The Swedish artist and designer Anders Jakobsen, also known as Lagombra, has created a bicycle rollercoaster for the MU Art Foundation in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to coincide with the designhuis exhibition "The Dutch Bicycle." Constructed of raw wood and scaffolding and fabricated with little more than a chainsaw, the installation resembles an undulating series of toppled dominoes.

With hairy bank turns and a highest peak of nearly two meters, the narrow installation is open to anyone willing to risk life and limb for a thrill ride. According to the MU's director, only one daredevil has been able to complete a circuit.

"The Dutch Bicycle" provides an overview of the bicycle as a means of transport, recreational activity and practicing sport. The exhibition aims to show how this ordinary, yet historically relevant, object remains a crucial subject of research, design, and creative expression.

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The Dutch Bicycle
Through 5 October 2008
Stadhuisplein 3
5611 EM Eindhoven
The Netherlands

tel. + 31 0 40 232 97 20