Lindzine #2

First look at the second issue of the Lindsay Lohan-focused zine by Bibiru and The Wormholes

Lindzine-two-2.jpg Lindzine-two-3.jpg

The 25-year-old actress-singer-jailbird Lindsay Lohan has attracted as much publicity off-screen as she has for her roles in slasher films and family comedies alike. The hijinks that have led her in and out of rehab centers and through the criminal justice system has always left us wondering whether she’s a celebrity trainwreck or a brilliant self-publicist—or both.

Late last year Mexican-American artist Bibiru and his cohorts The Wormholes put together a 56-page zine dedicated to Lohan, a brilliantly titled, vaguely tongue-in-cheek tribute that captured massive attention and prompted renewed reflection on her undeniable beauty.

Bibiru is following up on the black-and-white zine’s success with a second issue dropping in the coming days, and a third in the works. “We The Wormholes love Her Majesty and we believe she’s here to teach humanity about love,” says Bibiru. “She has a naturally ability to cast a spell over millions.”


Bibiru jokes that the images were beamed down from extraterrestrial friends but then, in a brief moment of serious reflection, admits the project seems to be running away with itself, seemingly fueled by Lohan’s controversial stronghold on pop culture. He’s not surprised, though—“We felt its power but didn’t know what to expect.”


The second issue is due to drop this week, and will sell for $7.