Maisie Cousins’ Nudes- and Nature-Smothered Solo Show

We’ve long-been fascinated by Maisie Cousins’ photography—blending nature, sex, nudity, beauty and celebrating sexuality. Her first-ever solo show, called “grass, peony, bum” has just opened at London’s TJ Boulting Gallery and she spoke with Dazed Digital about her incredible knack for balancing the opulent, sultry and grotesque. She tells the publication, “Nature is always beautiful and also disgusting. Even the most beautiful people leak, bleed and shit.” For the show, Cousins also asked perfumer Azzi Glasser to create a fragrance in response to her artwork, “Honestly, it feels like such a natural, progressive step. I think scent is so sexy and also so heartbreaking. I was dating someone who wore a common cologne and after we broke up I could smell it on everyone on the underground all the time, it made my heart hurt. It’s inescapable.” Read and see more at Dazed.