Make Lionel Bigger

Fund a hilarious larger than life tribute to Lionel Richie


Judging from their cheeky Kickstarter video, the Barcelona-based creative studio
Hungry Castle has a major thing for Flock of Seagulls hairdos, Tom Selleck mustaches, bright pants, popped-collar denim, plastic grandma glasses and general vamping for the camera. Such inclinations make them perfect contenders for winning the costume prize at an ’80s-themed dance party or, in this case, creating a gigantic sculpture of Lionel Richie’s head. With mere hours to go before their Kickstarter campaign comes to a close this Saturday, 28 July, Hungry Castle still needs your support to properly pay tribute to the soulful balladeer on the 30th anniversary of his solo career.


Inspired by Richie’s 1984 hit love song,
Hello,” Hungry Castle’s Dave Glass and Killian Cooper developed plans for a larger than life, laser-cut wooden sculpture equipped with an oversized spinning record and a telephone that visitors can pick up and use to say hello to Richie—who will, of course, croon back. Glass and Cooper are asking for $30,000 to design and build the 10-foot-high sculpture and massive LP and ship it to Richie’s hometown of Tuskegee, AL, where they will (hopefully) be allowed to install it as public art. Given Richie’s own $100 contribution and personal support of the project, the odds are in their favor.

If you pledge now at the $35 or $100 level, you’ll receive a limited edition Lionel Vinyl face or full head in cherry oak veneer. For $1,000 you’ll get the same plus a gold record and your name engraved on the statue itself. Visit the Kickstarter page to make it happen.