Mei Guo at Contrasts Gallery


"Mei Guo," which translates into English as The Beautiful World, from the French Le Beau Monde, is a forthcoming exhibition of Asian American and Asian artists living in America. Soon to be on view at Pearl Lam's renowned Contrasts Gallery in Shanghai, the exhibition has been curated by Lilly Wei as a survey of our growing interconnectedness in a highly globalized world.


Including artists Noriko Ambe (top left), Emily Cheng, Chitra Ganesh, Amy Kao (top right), Ju-Yeon Kim, and Jean Shin, Mei Guo will feature installations largely handmade from mass-produced objects, with an emphasis on one's ability to transform the mundane into an artistic expression (think Tara Donovan). As an example, Jean Shin's 2002 "Wooden Floor" (left), a composition consisting of thousands of chopsticks hand-laid to resemble parquet flooring, will be reprised for the coming exhibit. The confluence of this disposal Eastern utensil with a classical Western interior motif is but one of several investigations into the merging of cultures that Mei Guo aims to celebrate.

Mei Guo
26 July-30 August 2008
Contrasts Gallery
No. 181 Middle Jiangxi Road
Shanghai, China
tel. +8621 6323 1989