New York Snap Exchange

The New York Snap Exchange, created by Andrea Moed, is a round-robin, massively multiplayer street photography game taking place all over New York City from May 13 through May 16. Players are challenged to find and send pictures in order to create an emergent visual index of NYC in just four days! Winners are judged by the speed of their post and the accuracy of the image to the sent challenge.
Get more information and sign-up here.Some recent challenges include:
Challenge 000045:
Ask for directions to someplace and photograph someone giving them to you. Sent by amoeda on 2004-05-13 15:18:58
Challenge 000044:
Take a picture of a piece of street art in New York Sent by MarcSchil on 2004-05-13 13:13:57
Challenge 000043:
Take a picture of some street food. Sent by jaysmith on 2004-05-13 05:10:03
Challenge 000042:
Take a picture of a graffiti covered delivery truck. Sent by psychoalpha on 2004-05-13 03:30:50
Challenge 000041:
Photograph something that smells good next to something that smells bad. Sent by amoeda on 2004-05-12 20:12:39
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