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Nightclub To Convert Dancers’ Body Heat Into Renewable Energy

Glasgow’s SWG3—a nightclub meets arts and performance space—has launched an initiative with geothermal energy consultancy TownRock Energy wherein the latter’s technology converts heat generated by dancers’ bodies at SWG3 into renewable energy. The energy will be used to heat and cool the venue, and promises to save up to 70 tonnes of CO2 each year. TownRock Energy founder David Townsend tells the BBC that a pump will “move hot air from the club into a series of boreholes, which charge up as a thermal battery.” The company is keen to take the technology to other venues around the world, explaining, “The clubbing generation right now are very enlightened with regards to climate change, and it will make a big different for clubs to be able to say they’re net zero.” Read more at Dazed.

Image of BODYHEAT launch event, photo by Michael Hunter

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