Helsinki Plans to Use Seawater to Create Sustainable Heating

Helsinki hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and to do so the Finnish capital is planning on utilizing cold water from deep in the Baltic Sea to heat homes. Partnering with Spanish builder Acciona SA and infrastructure company YIT Oyj, the city’s power company Helen Oy will extract water from the seabed that remains at a constant two degrees Celsius. Then, the water will be processed in underground heat pumps, where heat exchangers will remove 1.5 degrees of heat (that will be later returned to the sea via a tunnel) and a heat pump process will increase the temperature to 80 to 95 degrees. In addition to being renewable and free, the seawater-derived heat will be able to power 40% of the capital and, during the summer, harvest energy to cool homes. Learn more about the innovative and unique process at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of Helen Oy