Nina Pandolfo: Aos Nossos Olhos


Little girls with glassy eyes as round as fishbowls playing in nature are the subjects of São Paulo artist Nina Pandolfo's "Aos Nossos Olhos" (To Our Eyes) show at super cutting-edge Galeria Leme.

The name Pandolfo might ring a bell. Nina is married to one of the legendary Os Gemeos graffiti twins but has been making strides on her own as a street artist since the early '90s, helping to put the São Paulo graffiti scene on the map.

Rich with detail, including actual crochet work and Swarovski crystals, her paintings and resin work impart an effect that's half imagination and half real. You could likely group her with Mark Ryden and Margaret Keane, but her art focuses explicitly on differences between children and adult realities.

Galeria Leme is a breathtakingly designed art space located on a street with prostitute transvestites near the University of São Paulo, well away from any of its peers. Don't miss this gallery if you're in town.

Aos Nossos Olhos
Through 2 August 2008
Galeria Leme
Rua Agostinho Cantu, 88
São Paulo, Brazil map
tel. + 55 (11) 3814 8184