Photographer Atiba Jefferson on the Essential ArmorATD Drive

The photographer and G-Technology collaborator explains how the accessory became an essential in his camera bag

While cameras are rightfully the most prized tool in a photographer’s kit, for those who shoot in extreme conditions or fast-moving situations, their accessories can impact the outcome of the image just as much. G-Technology’s ArmorATD portable drive for photographer and skater Atiba Jefferson is one such accessory. The rugged storage device comes in one-, two-, four- and five-terabyte versions, with each iteration super-portable and slender. It’s also rain-, dust-, drop- and pressure-resistant (up to 1,000 pounds).

For Jefferson, an acclaimed photographer with a rich catalog spanning the sports and entertainment industries, the sense of trust that comes with the ArmorATD is unmatched. On shooting individuals from both worlds, he says, “The similarities are you never have a lot of time. The difference is athletes tend to not want to sit and model, [and] celebrities are used to it. The speed of ArmorATD is great so I can get things done fast. After the shoot I give one drive to the client and then I keep the other.”

In an exclusive video announcing the partnership, Jefferson explains that getting shots taken and onto an external drive proves far more desirable than uploading them onto a computer—which could crash or die. The ArmorATD also affords portability that a laptop usually doesn’t. “I only shoot to external hard drives as I trust ArmorATD more than the internal drive that comes with the computer,” Jefferson tells CH.

“I always archive, that’s why G-Tech is so important,” he says. “I always look back because photos are like wine… some age well, some don’t.” Jefferson also carries two ArmorATDs with him—one for his personal archive and another for friends and clients. It’s a more concise delivery method than transferring files from camera to computer to a cloud-based drive—plus, the ArmorATD offers transfer speeds of up to 140MB/s via either a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

For Jefferson, the drive is an essential part of past and future projects. Inside of each drive is several years’ worth of stills of entertainment icons (from Michael Jordan and Drake to LeBron James and Tony Hawk) and skateboarding newcomers (Rowan Zorilla and Tyshawn Jones) alike.

“For me it’s doing a full-on book! That’s my next goal,” Jefferson finishes. It’s a safe bet to imagine its contents are on a handful of his drives.

The G-Technology ArmorATD portable drive starts at $70 and is available online now.

Images courtesy of Atiba Jefferson