Step Inside Artist Levan Mindiashvili’s Childhood Memories at Marisa Newman Projects

A magenta-bathed amalgamation of childhood memories, artist Levan Mindiashvili’s current installation at Marisa Newman Projects, what color is the Black Sea?, melds together many tactile, multi-sensory moments. Mindiashvili mined a family vacation to the Georgian Black Sea, and all the emotions that accompanied the experience, to populate this time-capsule-like artistic assemblage. The exhibition is alive—from the fur-coat-adorned palm tree to the tangerines dangling beneath the grow lamp. Altogether, it’s a transportive experience and each attribute requires careful consideration (including the iPad playing night-vision footage of a hedgehog). Read more about it at Hyperallergic.

Image courtesy of the artist and Marisa Newman Projects, by Marcie Revens