Innovative Summer Entertaining at Brooklyn’s Northside Festival

CH partnered with real estate firm Douglas Elliman for a one-day tech, food and drink pop-up

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As with most well-known festivals on the summer circuit, Brooklyn Magazine‘s Northside Festival continues to grow, year after year. The seven day event now sees hundreds of bands, content creators and speakers take to a series of stages at venues ranging from movie theaters to concert halls all with engaging performances and presentations. This year, in collaboration with real estate powerhouse Douglas Elliman, we co-hosted a one-day “Innovative Summer Entertaining” pop-up. There, drawing a bit from our guide to summer entertaining, we presented an array of hand-selected items that will make any summer party all the better.

The outdoor venue itself—garden center Jungle Design in Williamsburg—was designed as a series of different Brooklyn backyard BBQ arrangements by the team at Douglas Elliman (who are also presenting partners of the Innovation stage at the Wythe Hotel Screening Room). It showcased ways to maximize space, flow and visual design. The food came by way of Mable’s Smokehouse and rye cocktails from Josh Pero. And, of course, the event featured some of the best products we’ve been testing through our own summer entertaining adventures thus far. From the UE Megaboom to the Vico Magistretti Ping Pong Cocktail Trays, summer parties can take on new life—regardless of the size space you’re working with. You can peep our full collaborative guide online.

Beyond music, one of the pillars of Northside has been uniting creative communities. Connecting at parties isn’t just a Brooklyn attribute. It’s not even just a NYC attribute. Arguably, it’s global—and if we’ve learned anything from entertaining over the years, it’s that design has an impact on the vibe of it all, whether or not we’re all aware of it.

Brooklyn’s Northside Festival will run through 12 June 2016 at multiple venues. The schedule and event locations are available online.

Images courtesy of Douglas Elliman