The Careful Restoration of Miniature Hollywood

A $250,000 miniature project from the ’30s, helmed by a cabinetmaker and his team, is being carefully restored solely by conservator Donna Williams. Williams, who specializes in architectural materials, is carefully cleaning the 450 to scale buildings, on a plot which measures out at 11 by 12 feet. What was once a 25 person project—accompanied by a nationwide tour that left some of the buildings destroyed, mangled and even stolen—is now left for one. And she’s working diligently to outpace the real world development plans that may scrape some of the most beautiful buildings in the miniature from their real-life locations. The tiny, toy-like depiction may have its own misfortunes, but it may soon be the last-standing embodiment of Hollywood as it was back then. See more of the miniature’s fine details at Atlas Obscura.