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The Compton Cowboys Ride at Black Lives Matter Protests

Through photography by Ivan McClellan, Walter Thompson-Hernández and Akasha Rabut, as well as an essay by Miss Rosen, Dazed Digital explores the Compton Cowboys’ (a group of childhood friends “continuing the cowboy tradition of rebellion and reclaiming its roots”) recent participation in protests against systemic racism and police brutality in LA. Randy Hook—the cowboys’ leader and executive director for the non-profit organization Compton Junior Equestrians—explains that they wanted to get involved, and first contacted Mayor Aja Brown. With her approval, the cowboys mounted up and headed to City Hall. Hook says, “There’s something very powerful about being Black, being cowboys on horses, and fighting for American values even though we are the oppressed party. We wanted to be sure we left that message on a global scale that Compton is not what people think it is—it’s a community, love, and peace. We care about our kids and we want them to have a better future.” See more at Dazed Digital.

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