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The Fratellis


The Fratellis are a slightly cartoonish trio called Mince, Barry and Jon who have been touring the UK solidly since the Spring and are now reaping the rewards with their latest single Chelsea Dagger. They deserve it. It's a perfect slice of British, glam-tinged, swaggering power pop with a great rumbling bassline and do-do-do singalong chorus. Previous releases Creeping Up The Backstairs and Henrietta are nearly as good, coming over like a frenetic, polished, 60s-influenced Arctic Monkeys and should, in my opinion, be made available on every pub jukebox that still exists. The fact that the band is named after the baddies in The Goonies is yet another feather in their cap.

More will be revealed next week when The Fratellis much-anticipated debut album Costello Music hits stores on 11 September 2006. It's already available for pre-order at Amazon UK.