The Kooks: Inside In/Inside Out


Named after the David Bowie song, The Kooks bear more of a resemblance to Kings of Leon—still young with great indie hair, and dynamite live. But instead of coming from the Deep South, they're from England's South coast. While the Arctic Monkeys are stealing all the headlines at the moment, this four-piece group from the other end of the country tightly wrap up their impeccable influences—The Clash, The Jam, The Police—in infectious two-minute tunes about shagging on sofas and then failing to perform. Check out their website, and keep an eye out for their debut album, Inside In/Inside Out due out this month. In addition to their music, we like the consistent graphic language they've adopted for their singles packaging (see link to iTunes below).

Several singles are available on iTunes.

Contributed by U.K. reader SummerSeventySix