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The Photographer’s Playbook

Ideas and anecdotes from some of the most talented image-makers in the business


In a time period in which people are taking (and sharing) an unprecedented number of photographs with ease and immediacy, the desire to take pictures has probably never been higher. A new book called “The Photographer’s Playbook”—edited by acclaimed photographers Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern—provides a platform for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals to explore different ways to view and capture the world around them.

The book features over 300 photography assignments, ideas and anecdotes from the world’s most talented professionals such as John Baldessari, Tina Barney, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Katy Granan, Todd Hido and so many more. The tips and projects range from inspirational to the absurd, but ultimately broaden any photographer’s critical ability to visualize and edit pictures. As Fulford and Halpern write in the introduction, “A great teacher knows when to be an inspiration and when to be a vexation. Also, when to be tough and when to be fun. You’ll find assignments here that contradict one another. You can adopt one into your own practice, and reject the other.” This book is a welcome motivator for anyone interested in broadening their creative thinking.

For those in New York City, we recommend reading passages by some of the photographers before going to see their shows. For example, Laura Letinsky who is currently showing at Yancey Richardson Gallery or Justine Kurland whose exhibition is on view at Mitchell-Innes and Nash.

The Photographer’s Playbook is available for $15 at Amazon.

Image by Jonah Samson


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