Farewell to Pantera Co-Founder, Vinnie Paul

Co-founding Pantera at just 17 years old (along with his brother Dimebag Darrell and Terry Glaze), drummer Vinnie Paul has died aged 54 years old. There’s no doubt that Pantera (known for their heavy-meets-groove-meets-thrash metal) was wildly influential, and their fans wildly passionate. Texas-born Paul based his life and career on having a good time, responding years ago to a question about what music he would have play at his funeral that “I’d really want to choose an album that was a goddamn good time, like fuckin’ Guns-n-Roses. I’d want people to celebrate what we’ve done and the fact that we’d had a great life. I wouldn’t want my funeral to be a sad, sappy thing.” Read about band’s impact and history at The Guardian.