WA Video Installation


Transforming the 17th century facade of Knoll's Paris headquarters on St. Germain, WA is a site-specific video installation by WIKA. Launched last week, the piece constructs the made-up history of the design company's founders Hans Knoll and Florence Schust, playing on the real way the pair used a minimalist approach to design to define Knoll

Using a two-screen format and high-tech projection, the screens either form one vertical image, play alone or with each other and live editing software (developed by WIKA) creates a different version of the story each time it plays. Much like WIKA's other provacative video installations and Doug Aitken's recent use of the MoMA as the screen for Sleepwalkers, WA dynamically uses public space to reinvent architecture and cinema simultaneously. Click image for detail.

Every evening: 29 March-15 April 2007
Knoll International France
268 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris, France