The Encampment


Like a geometric nomadic village of art, The Encampment is a project that erects 100 illuminated expedition-style tents on the south point of NYC's Roosevelt Island from 5-7 October 2007. Organized by Thom Sokoloski and a Toronto based team, each tent will house an installation.

The Encampment's creation and completion requires the participation of the public so they're currently looking for volunteers to join in the creative process. In an effort to create a collective memory of the former insane asylum locale and its storied past, volunteers will collaborate with the creative team to research the stories, people, culture and architecture of Roosevelt Island's history. Collaborators will then use this information to create the original installations within each tent.

Intended for night viewing, the installation will be open from 7pm-1am, but the tents can be viewed from afar at anytime from both sides of the East River. Choreographed ceremonies and musical landscapes of past eras will add another element to the festivities. More info here