Inside Berlin’s Sleek Magazine

A visually stunning print publication that captures progressive art, with an online gallery component


There are plenty of reasons to pick up a print magazine: visually stunning pages, thoughtful long-form reporting, that transformative experience of dedicating yourself to something that’s become a less common experience for most nowadays. Berlin’s Sleek magazine, now 44 issues in, offers all of that. With a focus on the arts, the pages offer up everything from in-depth profiles of established artists to emerging creatives worth watching and more. Sleek’s view of the “arts” is vast, so everything from a survey of antiques to fashion and beauty stories get attention. There’s a global, all-encompassing vision to the magazine.


With such access to and immersion in the art world, Sleek also maintains an online art gallery, with works for sale across various price points. Their managing partner, Christian Bracht, explains to CH, “In a meeting I asked how some of the emerging artists who we displayed in our magazine had developed professionally. There were some that developed so much faster, because of our platform. It showed me that my people have a very good understanding of talent in the art market.” And their gallery was born. Sleek’s team of editors, as well as outside curators, select the works on the site—which receives frequent updates.

The gallery component, Sleek-Art, is also supported by editorial content. Altogether, Sleek is continuing to declare itself a great place to discover art—whether you want to read about it at your leisure in a glossy magazine, or buy it online.

Magazine images by Cool Hunting, gallery artwork images courtesy of Sleek