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Ace Hotel + Tokyobike

A new bike design, in four summer hues, that guests in London and DTLA can purchase after their stay


The Ace Hotel and Tokyobike go way back: when the innovative hotel chain launched its London outpost back in 2013, it chose the Japanese bike-maker to create custom loaner bikes for guests. This summer, the two companies are taking their close relationship to the next level by launching a new bike together. “This new collaboration model is an extension of the original London design, and means they (the bikes) are now available to take home,” Neil Davis from Tokyobike tells CH. The new bike will be available at the Ace Hotels in London and downtown LA, which have influenced its design.


Tokyobike is known for their lightweight, well-designed bicycles for the urban rider, and the new release lives up to the high expectations people have of the brand. The Ace bike comes in four fresh summer hues: juniper, slate blue, vermillion and gold. “Ichiro Kanai, the founder of Tokyobike, took inspiration from his stays at Ace Hotel—muted matte colors from London and sunnier shades from the DTLA location, paired with leather grips and saddles that will age with grace,” Davis says.


Compared to Tokyobike’s standard single-speed bike, the new Ace model has slightly softer, wider tires, as well as a more relaxed handlebar. Fans of Tokyobike will be pleased to see the brand’s familiar clean lines and pared-down design, while the new colors really pop—making the Ace bike a joyful companion for exploring sun-drenched city streets.

Ace Hotel + Tokyobike will be available 5 June 2015, in London and LA, and retails for £680.

Images courtesy of Ace Hotel and Tokyobike


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