Andrew Andrew: Respect Me


Respect Me, the fashion line from Andrew Andrew (those crazy twin iPod DJs) , currently features this redefinition of ghetto fabulous. It's a 24k gold plated security tag. But it's just the beginning. Stay tuned for the debut of their 04/05 collection this September. What else have they been up to?

From Andrew Andrew themselvs:

  • Just Desserts (Baked Goods) : we have a new cookie coming out. Really hot. Just got a prototype back…
  • Respect Me(Fashion Line): working on the Fall 2004 / Spring 2005 collection. Will debut in September.
  • Advanced Settings (Home Decor): 2 new pieces at The Future Perfect. See web site for more info. Also 2 more new things coming there.
  • Andrew Andrew DJ (Musical Entertainment): still doing the iParty thing at APT every tues. you should drop by…
  • Curatorial Services (Art Organization): We are curating an art show that will open in DEC in Brooklyn. Do you want to be in it???
  • Shadow Company: What Shadow Company?

  • The gold security tag will be included in the Terminal 5 show at JFK– not to be missed.

    Josh Rubin

    Josh Rubin

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