Apparatus Studio’s Censer Incense Burner

The NY design firm debuts a masterful, geometric multi-functional tabletop object


They are always a must-see at ICFF, and we’ve been paying close attention to the works of NYC design firm Apparatus Studios for some time now. While their origins lay in lighting design, and their last collection saw a textile and paper collaboration, founders Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson have just debuted a five-piece collection known as Apparatus Objects—and it’s their first foray into tabletop items. There’s no better representation of the collection, and the design language we’ve become accustom to from Apparatus, than the Censer, billed as a luxuriant incense burner but something much more. From Hendifar’s design to Anderson’s hand-thrown porcelain work, it’s on object bearing surprises and many functions.

ApparatusCenser-02B.jpg ApparatusCenser-02A.jpg

The “chalice” base has been spun and cast from waxed brass lending an artifact-like aesthetic. The dappled porcelain dome rounds out the features. Smoke emerges from an opening at the center of the dome, though by placing a votive candle within, the porcelain will gently glow—transforming the piece. There’s an illusion of simplicity here, when in fact the carefully thought-out, handmade item can be used in a myriad of ways—be that as a vase or even a stow for precious items. The incense burner also comes complete with 120 sticks of Apparatus’ collaborative incense, made with Cinnamon Projects. There are six iterations of the incense, with scents ranging from iris to cedar, each for a specific time of day.

The Apparatus Censer Incense Burner is available for purchase online for $820.

Images courtesy of Apparatus