Bayleaf Studio Knitwear

Handknit scarves, hats and more by a graphics artist-turned-knitter

bayleaf1.jpg bayleaf2.jpg

Lili, designer and owner of Bayleaf Studio Knitwear, is so fond of making things—from graphics to food—that venturing into knitwear was a natural progression of her interests. Perhaps because she works so much with her hands, there’s an emphasis on the materials that go into products, especially their tactile properties and comfort factor. Choosing wool, felt and paper as ideal materials, Lili sources them from Upstate New York. The line uses 100% organic wool and cotton, including fine merinos and luxuriously soft Alpaca. As the designer puts it, “wool is magic”.

Another notable idea sprung from Lili’s innovative mind is the modification of the homepage of Etsy. Check it out above or go to her site where you can also pick up her hats, caplets, scarves and more, ranging from $35-110.