Blixt & Dunder

From apparel to apps, how a Swedish couple designs for the hyper-specialized future


Husband-and-wife collaborative Blixt & Dunder work out of Malmö, Sweden, specializing in branding, packaging and design concept development. To inaugurate the project, the pair started with a bow tie, an accessory of unlikely significance that succeeds in presenting the new brand as a clever and fresh offering.


The limited-edition tie, black with small lightning-bolt emblems, comes lovingly boxed and packaged for the discerning wearer. Rather than opting for a pre-tied version, Blixt & Dunder keep it traditional—a consideration Oscar Wilde would be proud to endorse. Made with pure silk by an undisclosed Italian fashion house with a pedigree in detailing, it’s a nod to menswear heritage, lifting this bowtie above most off-the-rack alternatives.

If you thought the team’s next move would be further into fashion, surprisingly Blixt & Dunder’s next product is a digital one.


Called What See App, the interactive tool is another example of the company’s well-thought-out approach to design. Starting with the problem of newborns’ eyes being less developed than adults, with color perception and clarity much more limited, the strategy is to identify a potential niche for exploration (much like bow ties) before gathering the right resources to help develop it.


Using the expertise of fellow Malmö residents
, as well as Copenhagen’s digital firm Applied Phasor, Blixt & Dunder has made something which might (in its own cute way) help new parents to understand more about their little one. It’s the first of its kind that gives the chance to see through the eyes of a child at various stages of development. Simply download the app, enter the age of your child and take a trip into their world—a little shard of inginuity and a helpful one at that.

Conceived around such micro-economies, Blixt & Dunder is an interesting company, born from two people whose passion for their varied output is only rivaled by the bond they clearly share. With more projects in development, you can bet the next release from Blixt & Dunder will not only be intelligently assembled but very unexpected.