Bottlocase World Cup Editions

Represent your chosen nation and sip pretty at the same time with these soccer-themed smartphone cases

Bottlocase-BosniaHerzgovinia-WorldCup.jpg Bottlocase-USA-WorldCup.jpg Bottlocase-Brazil-WorldCup.jpg

On a multi-leg journey to watch the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand in 2011, Dutch entrepreneur James Bluemink found himself in Thailand buying beer from a convenience store. Thirsty for its contents, Bluemink became frustrated after realizing he lacked the essential ingredient—a bottle opener. Vowing never to be in such a situation again, he created Bottleocase, a simple but clever smartphone case and bottle opener in one.

Now in time for the FIFA World Cup, Bottlocase has released a series of iPhone and Samsung covers decorated with various nations’ flags. As with all cases from the brand, the handy product is designed to safely pop open bottled beverages—so nothing will stand in the way of you and your drink while rooting for your favorite team.

Bottlocase’s World Cup cases are available in support of a range of teams, including Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Holland, Germany, USA and more. Pick one up online for €25.

Images courtesy of Bottleocase