Britt Bass Turner iPad and iPhone Cases

The artist adds a punch of color to an otherwise monotone device with her rainbow-colored creations

BrittBassTurner-01a.jpg BrittBassTurner-01b.jpg

While not usually fans of loud or flashy cases for our mobile devices, we were impressed by the vibrant, playful appeal of Athens, GA-based artist Britt Bass Turner‘s iPad and iPhone accessories. All bright colors and thick brushstrokes, the abstract designs look like they were created in a joyful, artistic frenzy (and are pleasantly reminiscent of Australian artist Ken Done‘s work).

BrittBassTurner-02a.jpg BrittBassTurner-02c.jpg BrittBassTurner-02b.jpg

As a celebrated fine artist, Turner creates vibrant works using acrylic paint, which are conceived with the hope that they will offer a blast of color and happiness to the spaces they end up adorning. With these gadget cases though, her magical vision can be enjoyed on the go. Accurately, Turner refers to herself as a “painter of fun” and her rainbow-colored creations certainly add a playful and cheerful pop to your cherished iPhone or tablet.

Britt Bass Turner’s device cases are available online; $36 for iPhone cases (suitable for iPhone 4 and up) and $42 for iPad cases. Be sure to check out her other products, including notepads, cards, coasters, prints and—of course—original paintings.

Images courtesy of Britt Bass Turner