Foscarini’s Woodstock, New York Lighting Installation

Glowing images that shift from day to night at this converted farmhouse

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The latest installment of Italian lighting design firm Foscarini‘s photo series sees the brand showcasing their wares in real homes in Woodstock, New York. There, Naples, Italy-based photographer Gianluca Vassallo captures the second home of a couple, simply known as Bryan and David, from NYC. Several magnificent fixtures come to life in the converted dairy farmhouse, and the environment Vassallo depicts is one of quiet, glowing beauty.

Bryan says that despite the intensity of their jobs, they still resonate with NYC’s spirit and energy, “My partner and I both love to charge up on it during the week. But it’s great to be able to balance things, to go to the country, to be alone with our cat; knowing that all around us there are mountains, deer and bears,” he says. “When we come up to Woodstock, the intention is to slow down the pace, and time sure becomes more elastic.”

Though Woodstock famously lent its name to the 1969 music festival, the town itself remains an enclave of artistic exploration. It’s also an LGBTQ epicenter in the Catskills. Foscarini illuminates the home with this ethos in mind.

Images by Gianluca Vassallo courtesy of Foscarini