Old Jeans, New Saddle: Brooks + Levi’s Cambium C17

A built-to-last upcycling collaboration from two heritage brands


Last summer, denim heads in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London donated their beyond-repair jeans at Levi’s pop-up Commuter Workspace—an outreach project aimed at urban bike commuters. Now the discarded denim has been given a new life by the heritage bike accessories-makers Brooks England. Available for sale today, 5 February 2015, the collaboration Denim Cambium C17 utilizes upcycled denim in conjunction with the brand’s time-tested production techniques. The vulcanized saddle carries the same waterproof, comfortable dependability of the original C17 albeit with a one-of-a-kind appeal. As each saddle is made from a fellow rider’s jeans, there’s sure to be a bit of positive road karma for the lucky new owner—though a bit of extra security is never a bad idea.

Limited to just 1000 pieces, the special edition Cambium Denim C17 collection is available from Brooks for €180.

Images courtesy of Brooks England and Levi’s