Brooks England’s 150th Anniversary Collaborative Bicycles

Uniting with Brompton and more for a limited edition range of "Dashing Bikes"

150 years is a threshold few brands manage to cross. This year, however, heritage cycling saddle and accessories producers Brooks England reached the milestone with gusto. To celebrate, they’ve partnered with a handful of bike producers—including Brompton and Skeppshult of Sweden—to release limited edition pieces, all under the banner of “Dashing Bikes.” The unifying factor across all collaborative pieces will be the impact of copper, a signature of the iconic Brooks’ saddle, comprising the rivet. The versatility of the material is just as important in the collaborations as is its beauty.

On the market now, the collaboration with Brompton is a variation on their foldable classic S Type with a three-speed gear option. There are a series of copper flourishes to the moss grey frame (with beige detailing). The bike includes a Brooks B15 Swallow saddle in unique green and copper, Brooks Slender Grips in green, Brooks Challenge Tool Bag with MT10 multi-tool and a Crane E-NE Brass Bell. Only 150 pieces will be produced, each which feature a copper decal plate listing the frame number and serial number. As much as the bicycle is a beautiful show piece, it also packs all the functionality Brompton has become known for since the bike’s debut.

The Brompton + Brooks bicycle can be purchased through Brompton’s webstore or in person at London’s B 1866 shop.

Images courtesy of Brooks England