Budnitz Bicycles No.2M Mountain Bike

After owning the city cruiser market, the Vermont-based bike-makers impressively take on a new segment


In a little over two years since launching, Budnitz Bicycles have carved out an impressive niche for themselves within the greater bicycle community. They’ve mastered the city bike. Each model—from the titanium step-through and beefy 29er, to our very own collaboratively designed CH Edition Scorcher—is made of the highest quality materials and laced with the industry’s most trusted components. So where to go from there? Up, and into the mountains, apparently. Today Budnitz Bicycles releases their first mountain bike, the Model No.2M.


The 18 pound, trail-ready beast is actually the byproduct of customer innovation: “Many people have been buying our bikes and modifying them into mountain bikes for the last few years. [They say] they’re the best mountain bikes they’ve ridden,” founder Paul Budnitz tells us. So, in response to such demand and in the creative spirit that drives the brand, Budnitz designers tweaked their signature titanium cantilevered frame—resulting in over a half dozen prototypes—to create what they feel is the best mountain bike in the world. “This is it,” says Budnitz. “It feels like you have a rear shock built-in, but you don’t, and it handles like you wouldn’t believe.”


The handmade Model No.2M features a belt drive to avoid dirt clogging, mid-sized 27.5″ wheels—blending the speed of a 26″ and power of a 29″ wheel—to maneuver through mud and ruts, White Brothers carbon mountain fork for absorbing rough patches and handmade titanium components to ensure a long ride life. While we can’t speak to the ride (having not been on the back of the No.2M yet) we can say it may very well be the most attractive mountain bike out there. Find more information at Budnitz Bicycles online where the new No.2M is available, starting at $4,600.

Images courtesy of Budnitz Bicycles