CH Gift Guide Summer 2014 Update

Our latest additions celebrate estival temperatures and life outdoors

The season of weddings, backyard barbecues and well-deserved holidays, summer is in full swing and there’s plenty of reasons to treat yourself or others to a little something special. We’ve added a new miscellany of items to our perennial gift guide that are sure to encourage a lot of positive vibes with time spent outdoors. Have a look at a few highlights below, and keep an eye on the guide as we continue to update it throughout the summer season.

potipoti-watermelon-blanket.jpg filles-papa-map-hat.jpg
Watermelon Scarf Blanket

Potipoti combines summertime kitsch and whimsy with subtle sophistication in its watermelon blanket that can also serve as a festive scarf. The fun continues with a natural leather carrier, which doubles as a belt.

Kyle Cap

Eschew Google Maps for a hat that will keep you grounded no matter where you roam. Filles Papa’s map-printed Kyle Cap will shield you from the sun while you travel the world in style.

skylock-solar-powered-bike-lock.jpg taps-aff-badge.jpg

The brilliant, solar-powered Skylock is designed to make commuting nice and easy. The intelligent Bluetooth- or WiFi-enabled lock helps to greatly prevent theft and a need for keys while encouraging bike sharing among friends and family. Debuting in 2015, Skylock is now available for pre-order.

Taps Aff! Badge

Whether celebrating the dogs days of summer or just feeling a little rowdy, Scottish phrase “Taps Aff!” incites a rebellious vibe sure to turn a few heads or better yet, inspire its actual meaningto shed your shirt. This cheeky little badge is a fashionable reminder to always keep a level of spontaneity in your step, no matter the weather.

takeshi-nii-ny-rocking-chair.jpg land-of-nod-teepee.jpg
Ny Rocking Chair

The iconic Ny chair, named for the phonetic pronunciation of designer Takeshi Nii’s last name, as well as the Danish word for “new” or “fresh,” is available once again. The classic 1958 designwhich has a home in MoMA’s permanent collectioneasily folds up to take on the road, but is just as great in a living room or anywhere you want to rock.

In, Out, All About Teepee

Celebrate warm nights outside with Land of Nod’s kid-friendly teepee, a handsome fort sure to inspire plenty of creative dreaming. The durable playtime structure is made from 100% cotton canvas fabric, and attaches to solid wood poles.

poler-stuff-cast-iron-skillet.jpg rhino-laces.jpg
Cast Iron Skillet

Everyone needs a solid cast iron skillet that will last forever, and this one from Poler has pour spouts on both sides and a “handle helper” to help with the heavy lifting.

Rhino Laces

Created by wild land firefighters, Rhino’s Unbreakable Boot Laces make a mighty claim for a small but significant gear staple: they cannot be burned, torn, cut or destroyed in any way. If some Herculean effort proves them wrong, their guarantee covers a replacement.

Craft Breweries of London Map

As a city that created many of the world’s greatest beers, London is no novice to brewing. But after years of industry decline, a new surge from independent brewers is putting the Big Smoke back on the world map with their quest for better-quality beer. This handsome map features over 50 craft breweries on an A2-sized print, ensuring you’ll never be without a delicious beer in hand.

Marmoreal Board

Give cheese a proper display with the stunning stone work in the Marmoreal Board by Max Lamb with DZEK. The 95% marble slab blends Verde Alpi, Rosa Verona, Giallo Mori, and Bianco Veron in a highly engineered combination with an organic beauty that gives Mother Nature a run for her money.